It is time to change! A time to question!

I think at the end of the day correcting misinformation and questioning what we think we know as a habit of mind is incredibly important

– Adam Conover

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Fitness is extremely overwhelming. When I visit the gym or discuss with my friends or colleagues, I realize that there are certain individuals who are really into it. They literally eat, sleep, talk and breathe about fitness. While people who have been working on their fitness for quite some time are continuing to do so, the problem arises when someone new takes it up.

No matter what our goals are, the human mentality has been that we want to achieve goals at a faster pace. We want to reach the finish line quickly. We have been trained to race and compare ourselves with someone better than us. While this is good in some cases, and can be very advantageous; in some it can be harmful. Especially cases where we are misinformed or haven’t reviewed all the pre-conditions properly.

Every trainer that you talk to, will tell you that fitness can only be achieved with hard work, patience and perseverance. You need to give it time. You need to listen to your body. The only comparison you can make is with your older self, and not with anyone else. But, we intend to conveniently overlook this advise.

When I started my fitness journey 4 years ago, I was also a misinformed individual, quick to achieve runner who started off without any professional advise. The first 3 months or so were very tough for me. A lot of injuries later and some good professional advise, I realized that my intent was correct, but the path I chose would need considerable correction.

Through this blog, I will try to detail such truths and misconceptions about fitness that a lot of us believe in. As our primary teachers would always say, there is no good or bad question. Haven’t we forgotten that? Every decision we take about our health and fitness, we need to stop, think, question, understand and then move forward. Some of us actually know this subconsciously, but do not really apply it on our day to day workouts.

So, welcome to the journey! Let us take these positive steps towards the larger goal together!

Stay Fit! Stay Healthy!

2 thoughts on “It is time to change! A time to question!

  1. Your journey is inspiring…and it’s great that you are able to write about it to help others to take up this journey..keep blogging!


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