Fitness is addictive, exhilarating and relaxing!!!

Every individual has his/her own way of working on fitness. Fitness is no longer a choice, but a requirement due to our changing lifestyles and work patterns. In pursuit of staying fit, many of us source information available freely eg. internet or tips from family / friends which can be a fact or pure hearsay. In My Fitness Notion, we will try to deliberate and discuss these notions about fitness; accept them if its a Fact and reject them if its a Myth. Read through the blog and feel free to add your comments and suggestions.

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An event after 2 years

Without training they lacked knowledge, without knowledge they lacked confidence, without confidence they lacked victory – Julius Ceaser Physical events and Marathons have a different aura of excitement around them. Waking up in the twilight, reaching the location only to find people warming up. Have you ever experienced that early morning aroma? Believe me it … Continue reading An event after 2 years


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