Fashion or Comfort?

Dont dress to kill. Dress to survive

– Karl Lagerfield

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When you are working out, comfort is really important. Especially the clothes that you are wearing, or the gear that you may need for a particular workout. While it is important to begin your workout journey minimalistically, as you gradually move towards intermediate level, you can advance the gear based on your workout regime or intensity. So, whenever you invest on the gear, please be sure to spend as per need. Many people tend to spend heavily on appearance and clothing and eventually decide to discontinue their journey mid-way.

Anyway, here are some aspects that you need to take care of while choosing the right clothing:

The Right Fabric

Soaking clothes with sweat can make it very uncomforable to wear. There are many breathable synthetic fabrics that absorb sweat from your skin. These actually can help evaporate the sweat quickly and thus keep your body cool. Football jerseys or Marathon tees are normally made from these fabrics.

Nevertheless, considering the humid climate we have in India, it would be better to opt for cottons shirts and pants. They absorb the sweat well and dont pull away from the skin. The only thing is cotton clothes may feel a little heavy during workout as soaking can increase its weight.

Never wear clothing made out of rubber or plastic-based products. They dont breathe and so sweat will not evaporate. This can keep your body temperature high.

Precise Fitting

Wear clothes that are slightly loose and comfortable. For running or cycling, avoid wearing loose pants, it is advisable to wear tighter pants to ensure better movement. Loose pants could cause tripping while running or clothes entangled in the pedals.

For activities like Yoga or Pilates use stretchy fabrics that can absorb sweat. While working on the flexibility, you do not want to cause any accidental tear of clothes.

While in the gym, wear clothes as such where you can view your muscles at work. It is preferred to have singlets and shorts so you can actually see your muscles working. This is important, because if the targetted muscle is not being worked upon then you may not be doing the exercise correctly.

All in all, just ensure that the clothes do not interfere in your workout.

Seasonal Changes

In summer, choose clothes that allow the skin to breathe; the sweat to absorb. Clothes need to be loose and comfortable.

If the climate is too cold for you, wear something that keeps you warm. But the best thing to do would be to dress in layers. Working out will increase heart rate and warm up your body. So, when that happens, be sure you can remove the additional layers if needed. The lowest layers should be the clothes that absorb the sweat, so that you can work out in those clothes only if needed.

While running and playing in the rain is loved by most of us, in some cases, the rains may be a little cold. In fact in some case getting wet can make you catch cold. Wear a cap if possible so that the hair does not get wet fast or remain wet for long. If you are okay cover yourself with a wind sheater.

Overall, no matter what the temperature is outside, it is necessary to wear cool and comfortable clothes so that you can workout properly. Use of proper inner wear like supporters and sports bra wherever needed is necessary and advisable.

For working out indoors or outdoors, it is necessary to dress appropriately, so that you can concentrate on the workout and not worry about some wardrobe malfunction. But as mentioned before, it is not necessary to spend exhorbitantly and buy branded or costlier clothes, if you cannot afford it. Just be sure to stick to the basics and be comfortable in your clothing.

Stay Fit! Stay Healthy!

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