Race Day Plan

The person who starts the race is not the same person who Finishes the race Most runners test themselves on race day by registering for a slightly longer distance than regular practice. This case is especially true for Marathons or Ultra runs. These are distances of 42 km and above. Practically, it might not be … Continue reading Race Day Plan

An event after 2 years

Without training they lacked knowledge, without knowledge they lacked confidence, without confidence they lacked victory – Julius Ceaser Physical events and Marathons have a different aura of excitement around them. Waking up in the twilight, reaching the location only to find people warming up. Have you ever experienced that early morning aroma? Believe me it … Continue reading An event after 2 years


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About Me

Till recently, up to say 2017, I was leading this unhealthy lifestyle. I weighed almost 100 kgs, with a lot of health problems. My fitness journey began in 2018 when I discovered my love for running. In this fitness journey, I have encountered quite a few mentors and friends who have actually bulldozed the myths and unhealthy traditions that I was following. They actually helped me overcome my failures in my fitness journey.

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